10 Reasons why farmers should digitalize their production

10 Reasons Why Farmers Should Digitalize Their Production

By expanding its technological boundaries, agriculture has become precise and data-driven. Today, modern technology positively impacts all types of crop production. Digital agriculture is changing the way food is produced by providing farmers the possibility to ensure productive and sustainable production. If you are still wondering about the benefits of digital agriculture, here are the 10 reasons why farmers should digitalize their production:

All production data in one place, easily accessible

Instead of managing farm production in various spreadsheets and papers, successful farmers rely on digital agriculture solutions to have all production data in one place, easily accessible from any device and at any time. That way farmers don’t have to waste their time to manually write the data and they can easily access all their records in just a few clicks. In the end, by storing the data in the cloud, there is no risk that some valuable information will be lost, and documents can be organized based on a farmer’s need.

Making business decisions based on the real-time data from the field

Making business decisions based on real-time data from the field, instead of using own feeling is a precondition for a productive and profitable production. Data-driven farm management supports farmers in measuring various crop and soil conditions by using real-time satellite field insights, weather reports, risk alarms, and crop progress monitoring.

Instead of managing farm production in various spreadsheets and papers, successful farmers rely on digital agriculture solutions. #digitalagriculture #successfulfarmer

Simple reporting to the authorities

Reporting can be a daunting task for every farmer. However, it often brings additional money to the farm through various subventions and subsidies. To be efficient and save time on administration, successful farmers don’t waste their time creating reports manually. Instead, they use digital solutions in which they keep their farm records and easily export all relevant data for the authorities in just a few clicks.

Simple season planning

Good organization is half the work done. Planning the season in terms of all activities that will be performed helps farmers organize their workforce and other resources needed for activity execution. Besides that, successful farmers always plan their crop rotation and budget. While proper crop rotation ensures healthy soil and vigorous plants, the budget plan allows farmers to allocate their money and compare budgeted and actual costs at the end of the season. By doing so, farmers can identify possible cost savings and improve their profitability in the upcoming season.

Complete production traceability

Since there is an increase of pressure from the market to ensure complete traceability, farmers need to provide their customers information regarding the entire production process. For this reason, the digitalization of farm processes is a great way to ensure customers know what they eat and how the crop is produced.

The digitalization of farm processes is a great way to ensure customers know what they eat and how the crop is produced.

A powerful tool for risk management

Digital agriculture is the best way of managing various risks. Farm productivity and profitability largely depend on weather conditions. Therefore, farmers need to have on-time information regarding the possible pest and disease occurrence, as well as insight into the accurate weather.

Improved resources utilization

Farmers who use digital agriculture solutions can reduce losses due to improved utilization of their resources. For example, having an insight into crop nutrition per field enables farmers to avoid over-fertilization. That way, a farmer can save money on fertilizers and ensure optimal soil conditions by applying the fertilizers as much as needed.

Having a reminder on important dates

Dealing with everyday obligations and important dates such as expiration of contracts, machinery registration, field rent expiration, or invoice due date can be exhausting for farmers. For this reason, successful farmers leave nothing to chance. They use digital solutions which think instead of them and alarm them regarding the most important dates, the upcoming tasks, or invoice due dates.

Possible integration of the various system in 1 central place

Digital agriculture provides various possibilities of automatic data exchange between different solutions like machinery fleet management, weather stations, soil sensors, and integrations between farm management software and ERP solutions.

One step closer to sustainable production

Performing farm practices only when it’s needed is a key to ensure sustainable production. By digitalizing their production, farmers can plan their activities based on weather conditions and precise data on soil quality and actual crop needs. Besides that, digital agriculture strives for resource usage optimization, thus lowering the environmental footprint.
Digitalization of farm production is the best way to ensure both productive, and sustainable farm production. Experience shows that farmers increase their profitability from 50 up to 100% already in the first two years of using digital agriculture solutions. AGRIVI digital agriculture solution provides everything you need to get value from farm data, manage risks and maximize profitability. Visit our web page to find out how we solve real-life challenges in your industry.


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