Best Farm Practices for Profitable Farming

Every farmer strives to be successful. Since there isn’t a unique formula for the success, he needs to make his own formula. The best way to achieve this is by recording all farm activities and following good farm management practices.  

Successful farmers are made, not born. For this reason, to be a successful farmer, one has to work on himself in order to adapt and apply the best farm practices.  

So, how to become a successful farmer?  

While growing crops, several farm activities have to be accomplished in order to achieve the best results. These are as follows; proper soil preparation, planting or sowing of crops, plant care management, harvest and post-harvest management.  

Since farming is a complex process where a single activity contributes to an ultimate goal, all activities have to be managed properly. In other words, while growing crops, a farmer should take account of two important things: 

  • manage farm production according to recommended farm activities 
  • regularly record farm activities for all crops along with usage of farm materials. 

Don’t Miss a Thing by Following Best Farm Practices 

Every crop production requires certain farm practices. By following and recording these practices, a farmer has a clear insight into his crop production. Actually, he can see which farm practices have followed to the certain yield.  

Let’s take one example of a good farm management 

At the beginning of the farm season, a farmer prepares the soil for the planting of potatoes. First, he plows the soil, spreads some amount of fertilizers and then plants potato tubers. This time he manages planting on a certain depth and soon after planting he sprays the soil with herbicides. During the season, he continuous to fertilize his crop and sprays against the insect pests and diseases. At the end, he harvests potatoes in a higher amount than he expected.  

It seems that these practices for potato were extraordinary for this farmer and therefore, he’ll keep using them for the next season also.  

In the case when crop production failed, a farmer who recorded all his activities can clearly see what went wrong and therefore what to change for the next season.  

One way or another, keeping records of farm activities can help farmers to be successful and boost their crop production 

Still Don’t Have Your Best Farm Practices? 

Farm practices which lead to the best yield results have to be followed during the next season. Taking into account this fact, record keeping of all farm activities can greatly help farmers to achieve higher productivity and profitability and therefore, to be successful.    


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