OpenHub: Infuse ICT in agriculture

Who can join us

ICT experts

Developers and software engineers that desire to enter the world of smart farming.


University students that understand the needs of the market and actively adopt an inter-disciplinary approach in their studies.


Veterinaries, agriculturists, and farmers that intend to invest in the ICT technologies such as big data and UAV.

What's the fuss about?

The SmartRoot Openhub is the platform that allows you to interact with experts in your domain in a cross-disciplinary approach promoting best practices and lesson-learnt while actively sharing your experience in the community through blog posts, forum discussions, and exchange of personal messages. The concept was originally initiated by the consortium of the SmartRoot project aiming at offering learning resources with practical value. Instead of having a passive role in the learning process, you are invited to actively engaging in it and share your knowledge with us. Always have in mind that the platform aims to attract experts from different domains, so try to keep them all engaged without knowledge gatekeeping.


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When writing a paper is too much and a tweet is too little.

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The OpenHub community tries to answer all the questions that might emerge.

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