OpenHub wiki rules

Anyone can – it’s open to all and can be modified and edited by anyone. However, Open Hub’s administrators can protect some pages from direct editing if they believe they are regularly subjected to “vandalism” – the addition of abusive language or falsehoods.

Open Hub Wiki is self-policing and relies on its community of volunteer editors to improve the quality and accuracy of the pages over time. It’s the “wisdom of crowds” principle in action. Writers are encouraged to back up factual statements with verifiable references and authoritative sources as often as possible.

It is not expected from the users to create new definitions for every term, so you should provide the original resources of your input. The Open Hub team does not have any responsibility to check every entry in the wiki. However, it is expected the volunteers to detect and adjust entries that could present copyright issues.

At the current stage of development there are four main categories: 1) Agriculture, 2) Data Analytics in Agriculture, 3) Farming and IoT, and 4) Mixed Farming Systems. New categories will be added if deemed appropriate. If you believe new categories should be added, drop a line.

The authors should use English language and target wider audience as possible. So, please do not use strict academic English and avoid slang. Always have in mind that the objective of the Open Hub is to bring together experts from different backgrounds.